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“Where Capital Market
Meets Cutting-Edge Technology”

We combine our partners’ resources with those of private sector investors to nurture early-stage technology startups as well as low-middle stage, giving the potential investee’s talent the opportunity to make an impact on the world. We grow our ecosystem by encouraging more private funding or investment from angel investors and venture capitalists. Grow MetaBridge’s ecosystem with us.

  • Stay ahead of the market

    Get agenda-setting scoops on transformative deals from authoritative sources across multiple industries. You can rely on our own digital AI’s daily commentary on the big financial stories as they break and keep abreast of supply conditions in the global capital markets with IFR’s in-depth commentary and analysis.

  • Receive actionable intelligence

    Monitor deal flow, spot market trends, and gain insight into your competitive positioning within any region, asset class, or industry vertical with flexible levels of granularity. Identify potential sponsors for sell-side M&A transactions or follow-on rounds. Determine the best partners, co-investors, or buyers for an exit strategy and uncover candidates that may be ripe for a merger, acquisition, or divestiture.

  • Private investing made simple

    We’ve worked alongside our global investor community to understand the fundamental motivations behind their investment strategies. With just 4% of analyzed deals presented to our investors, we focus on discovering the passionate founders, innovative companies and established funds that best fit your mandates.

Current Investment

Mining rights of CRETA tokens are currently on sale online(The Tron DApp - https://mining.metabridge.site/).

CRETA Token is the main cryptocurrency used in the Creator Metaverse Platform of CRETA, a global metaverse game service company (https://www.creta.world/).

For inquiries about the investment package, please contact business@creta.world

About us

From generating deal flow to analyzing private equity fund and venture capital performance, MetaBridge provides the comprehensive information on this market you need – on your desktop and on the move with our mobile solutions.
We combine our partners’ resources with those of private sector investors to nurture early-stage technology startups as well as low-middle stage, giving the potential investee’s talent the opportunity to make an impact on the world. We grow our ecosystem by encouraging more private funding or investment from angel investors and venture capitalists. Grow MetaBridge’s ecosystem with us.

What makes us different

MetaBridge has six characteristics that differentiates it from other investment firms:

  • Paving the way for achieving DIGITAL programme.

    Digital technology and infrastructure have a critical role in our private lives and business environments. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted not only how much we rely on our technology to be available to us, but also how important it is not to be dependent on systems and solutions coming from other regions of the world.
    The Digital MetaBridge Programme (DIGITAL) is a new MetaBridge funding programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and public administrations

  • Simplify alternative investing

    Our digitalized end-to-end marketplace brings issuers and investors together in one platform, allowing our investors a simpler experience building and managing their alts portfolio.

  • Diversify your portfolio

    Diversify across asset classes and cut down on research time by accessing unique investment offerings on one platform

  • Trade your positions

    Unlock your net worth with the ability to trade select holdings through our efficient and secure peer-to-peer trading platform working with and backing entrepreneurs which has allowed it to build a differentiated network from where it sources unique opportunities.

  • Wide access to capital

    This includes private pools, sovereign and institutional investors who have aligned interest in long-term value creation.

  • Bespoke financing and investment solutions

    Deep experience and knowledge across the firm allows it to execute optimised financing structures for each transaction.

What we do

Digital Trasnforming

Pride ourselves on the commitment we show to our investors. Our credibility lies within our investment methodology, built on four key pillars under which we operate.

  • Transparency

    We believe that trust and transparency are paramount and cultivate relationships with investors and partners based on mutual trust and complete openness.

  • Safty

    We commit to the highest standards of risk-management in all investments. We use modern tools to ensure we are operating in a safe and sustainable manner.

  • Excelence

    We pride ourselves on the level of excellence provided in our financial performance, customer service, and organizational efficiency

  • Innovation

    We believe in providing our clients with products that deliver superior performance and access to forward-looking investments, in line with their long-term objectives.

Operational expertise

Ability to recruit and retain top industry teams, both in-house and at portfolio company level, allows investment opportunities to prosper MetaBridge provides unique professional and personal development opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic markets. As the country’s and region’s economies grow, we will help companies at all stages of maturity, from start-up to rejuvenation and consolidation.
Joining MetaBridge’s clients also means working alongside senior thought leaders, and contributing to meaningful industry or economic research. We will be able to supprot, grow intellectually, and have real impact on clients and grow our presence.

Focused Approach to Adding Value, with a Highly Experienced Team

MetaBridge is independent and solely focused on maximizing shareholder value. We are thus positioned to be an objective, high quality partner to management teams and owners in making major strategic decisions.
Our sector focus propels us to work with management teams to add value in a targeted manner, based on their unique needs. We seek to generate returns through fundamental growth rather than financial engineering.
Our investment professionals have long and distinguished track records within our core verticals. Our seasoned Senior Advisors include public company CEOs, senior level industry operators and veterans and experienced investors.
We have built a strong track record in multi-market/cross-border businesses where MetaBridge helped its portfolio companies expand their business beyond their home market either through strategic alliances and/or acquisitions.

Access to Significant Resources For Middle Market Companies

We have access to substantial resources to add value to our portfolio companies, including decades of wide ranging experience and a strong and deep network of relationships with industry experts, financial partners, transaction advisors, customers, suppliers and others.

Investment Philosophy

MetaBridge actively manages its portfolio assets where it works closely with management to restructure, develop and drive growth of the business to maximise value for all stakeholders.

  • Disciplined & systematic

    We back credible companies with strong management teams according to disciplined and systematic policies and guidelines.

  • Deal creation

    With our strong global network, we generate a healthy pipeline of proprietary deals across a wide range of industries and markets.

  • Alignment with management

    We believe that high-quality management is critical to any successful investment. Tennor does not interfere with daily management activities but aims to align its interest with the management both financially and strategically.

  • Superior returns

    When determining an investment realisation strategy, primary consideration is given to long-term profitable growth of the company. Throughout the life of the investment, Tennor seeks to enable various exit opportunities through IPOs, block trades, private placements, refinancing etc. in order to accommodate diverse investment needs of stakeholders.

  • Value-added investing

    We believe in the value of collaboration and seek to unlock upside both strategically and operationally. Our investment teams spend a significant amount of time working with management teams of portfolio companies to facilitate the implementation of effective operational and marketing strategies. This being over and above the financial support we provide these companies with.

  • Crypto For All

    We’re building an inclusive financial system that makes Crypto a universal option for billions of people worldwide. Crupto is a resource for human progress, and MetaBridge is the gateway.


Capital Markets and Managing for Value

At a time when capital markets are more volatile and less forgiving to underperformers, many companies MetaBridge undervalued by the markets. In our experience, well-executed strategies that reflect value creation and the appropriate risk considerations are crucial to success. We supprot our clients maximize value creation by aligning their corporate strategy with the capital markets’ perception of where value lies, communicating that strategic intent, and crafting a compelling story for investors.

  • We support our clients in the following areas

  • We perform capital markets analyses to determine which strategies and business models create the most value.

  • We assist with proactive portfolio management to fund

  • corporate growth and maximize long-term value.

  • We develop investor communications that clearly communicatecorporate strategy, manage performance expectations, and maximize shareholder value.

  • We develop innovative financing strategies

Value-based management

We play a crucial role in aligning stakeholders so everyone sees value creation through the same lens. As the partner is also at the helm of value-creation efforts companywide, he or she can use the finance function to test new ideas and set best practices. We support our clients in the following activities:

Performance measurement and management

We apply rigorous analytical tools and methodologies to assess business value and performance

Lean finance

We use lean principles and well-tested improvement levers, such as consolidation and shared services, demand management, and organizational streamlining, to optimize the practices and performance of the finance function.

Treasury optimization

We draw upon benchmarks and extensive experience to streamline treasury activities and transform the treasurer into a strategic partner who drives value.

Finance talent management

We help shape the talent strategy, build talent systems, and develop leaders to create a world-class finance function.

Financial and Performance Analysis

We help clients better understand their capital market performance and identify strategic actions to increase shareholder value. Working with Dream Private Equity teams, they help companies understand market expectations, identify primary sources of value, and develop strategic initiatives to further value creation. Our deep knowledge of finance topics and extensive library of tools and models uniquely positions us to support clients in two areas

Capital Market Diagnostics (CMDs)

We perform diagnostics on both companies and industries. CMDs provide clients with a holistic perspective on past performance and strategies for improving future performance. They typically include three core analytical components

Historical capital market performance

By analyzing the total returns to shareholders (TRS) for a company, its competitors, and the industry, as well as valuation multiples, we help clients understand the key drivers of performance difference (such as growth, profitability, and investor expectations).

Historical operational performance/benchmarking

We analyze profitability and returns on capital for both the company and its industry segment. This analysis helps clients understand potential improvement areas and the value of addressing performance gaps. We also analyze historical sources of growth, such as portfolio differences and M&A activity, and their impact on overall corporate performance.

Future performance expectations

We use proprietary models to determine market expectations for growth and profitability for our clients and their competitors. We advise clients on how these expectations differ from their own existing strategies and identify potential initiatives to increase long-term value.

Valuation and Discounted Cash Flow Modeling

We use our in-depth sector knowledge to inform modeling scenarios, understand any gaps between market value and intrinsic value, and shape recommendations for action.In addition, we provide analytical capabilities and insights on the following topics

Investor relations

We help clients better understand their existing investor base and strategically shape future investor communications. We advise clients on who to talk to (i.e., investor segmentation), what to talk about (i.e., disclosure best practices), and how to talk about it (i.e., channel strategy).

Capital structure

We provide expertise on capital structurequestions, such as whether a company would benefit from changes in leverage, dividend level, or share buybacks.


In collaboration with the M&A/Transactions service line, we conduct a variety of M&A analyses, such as target screening and synergy assessment. We also create pro forma statements to assess the financial impact of M&A and measure the impact of a proposed transaction structure on value distribution.


Our consultants combine their extensive transactional expertise with a deep understanding of specific industry sectors to support clients on four types of transactions

Mergers and acquisitions

In collaboration with our colleagues from the Strategy practice, we help clients ensure their M&A strategy aligns with their broader corporate strategy. We identify and assess targets based on a client’s strategic objectives, potential synergies, organizational and cultural fit, and the feasibility of a deal. Through our support of due diligence, we help companies understand the potential for value creation and what drives it.
To help the transaction proceed smoothly, we support clients in structuring the deal, communicating its rationale to stakeholders and markets, and planning for integration. To provide a foundation for success after the deal closes, we help clients tailor the integration process, governance mechanisms, and organization to the transaction’s strategic objectives. All the while, we build our clients’ internal processes and capabilities to execute successful transaction programs.
Over the course of a project, we work closely with our merger management colleagues from the Organization Practice, who specialize in helping clients realize maximum deal value as quickly as possible.

Alliances and joint ventures

To support the formation of alliances and joint ventures, we analyze our clients’ needs and the situations that prompt them to look for a business partner, whether to enter a new market, start a new business, gain access to a technology or product, or improve industry relationships. We also assist them in identifying the best possible partners and assessing the potential for value creation. As plans for an alliance go forward, we help our clients develop the strategy and skills necessary to structure, negotiate, and implement the arrangement.